- $6,000.00.Total of 8 Cerwin Vega L36 18 horn loaded subs. These are the older versions, but 100 functional. 4 JBL SR Series Dual 15. These are JBL Concert Series. Not the DJ versions. TWO separate racks, currently loaded with a Behringer EP 4000 per side, to power subs. A QSC PLX3402 per side for mids. A QSC PLX1602 per side for Highs. A Behringer Ultra-Drive Digital CrossoverProcessor per si...
Custom 4.6 oct. Demorrow marimba with recently tuned and finished hand-selected rosewood keyboard. The all wood frame is solid African Bubinga with full-range tunable polished brass resonators. Every part of the fram is solid wood or brass including solid brass bar pins with wool felt insulators. Huge 6 solid rubber casters for smooth moving add to the totally rattle-free frame and resonators. ...
Tapco thump powered speaker pair. 150 Watts great for DJ and live music.
Have light stands, lights. Turntables, mixers, seratoTxt only
Selling my used Oxygen 49 in great condition. I used to love it but I dont have any use for it lately and would like for some one else to really appreciate all that it has to offer. Everyrhing works with any music DAW except for the modulation and pitch bend wheels which got greasy and sometimes trigger different stuff on their own, but thats fixable.
In a few weeks Im moving myself 1000 miles acrross the country. Everythings gotta go fast. I have 50 items Im selling so I created a website where all my things are listed with pictures and prices,Ill considered all offers. Copy paste this into a browser window and youll see everything Im selling -davidsgaragesale.weebly.comYou see an item you like, message me my email is on the site. Thank you...
a shimmering black violin in perfect condition. Its in its case with a matching bow. Has its rosin and violin polish to clean once youre done playing the violin. I have 3 extra strings that will come include in case you need as well, which is strong G, D, A. It comes with the frets marked to know where to place fingers.
This DJ table was won in a raffle and originally goes for $300 brand new. I used it for testing reasons and it works perfect. Lights up as well like in the picture from the box. Asking for $250 since it was opened, but its literally like new. Text for more info


u2 yamaha piano upright.
Selling my Bass w extras. Band broke up and I dont play as much as Id like to anymore. Below is what Im selling with market prices for reference.Bass Guitar - Sterling by Music Man SUB Series Ray4 StingRay Bass - $300Amp - Ampeg BA-210v2 - 2x10 450-Watt Bass Combo with Scrambler - $500Wireless receiver - Line 6 Relay G30 Wireless Guitar System - $200Tuner - Boss TU3 Chromatic Tuner Pedal - $100...

Dj lights

4 dj lights
BRAND NEW Antiqued violins for sale. Case and wooden bow with horsehair included. Fitted with Aubert Bridges and Dominant Strings. Perfect for Orchestra or Mariachi. Sound as good as $800-$900 Violins and look even better Try before you buy $350 each. You choose 1 Viola for sale as well. Interested Call
Great guitar for beginners, bit of fret buzz but you cant hear it once it is plugged into an . I bought this to learn on, dont really need it now. text me with any questions you may have.
The guitar is like new I have found little use for it since I bought it. I restrung it with ernie ball medium lights. Its a great guitar for beginners, the frets buzz a bit but maybe its just me text me with any questions you might have.
Pre-owned Yamaha B3 SILENT piano like new only 3 years old barely played. Comes with Bench and delivery.
Spider V 240HC HEAD 240 watt Guitar head Combo with modeling and effects.Spider head original price is $500 And cabinet $300Selling together for $500.00Comes with all cables.
The Audio EnginEARing Institute teaches the technical side of sound and music. Youll learn about Microphones, Mixing Boards, Music Production, Pro Tools, Loudspeakers, EQ, MIDI, PA Systems, etc. There are six courses that make up our AUDIO TECHNOLOGY program. It prepares individuals for an entry-level job as a Sound Engineering Technician - Studio Recording Engineer or Live Sound Mixer. It take...
Piano mover any place in Texas Same day pickup and delivery. Family owned and operated Since 1969. Service and Mint piano for sale.
5 piece drumset with seat. Semi pro. $65.00 obo. Text for info
Selling an electric guitar in great condition, Squier Bullet Strat Call if interested $75
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