No event is to big and i guarantee the best night of your life for more information and booking contact me 8303228115
Romantic Music Serenates or Anniversarys, Wedding and Special events. Contact person Mr. Sanchez at 956-333-6371 for information
Looking for music instrumentals and music beats for your rap album or hip hop mixtape, you can buy rap instrumentals,hip hop instrumentals,club instrumentals and pop instrumentals in Brownsville Tx.Music Instrumentals BrownsvilleYou can find club instrumentals and club beats,dirty south beats,club bangers,trap beats,doughboy beats,Lex Luger type beats for your demo or album. When you need hot m...
My names Matt and Ive been making a living with my music from home for a few years now and its great I do NOT do ANY selling, negotiating, paperwork, or any of that boring business stuff.... I just make songs full song with vocals OR instrumentals and then upload them to a few websites and they do the rest. With this simple strategy Ive gotten my music on MTV, VH1, NBC, CBS, Showtime, History C...
Most people fail to get into the music business and become successful either because they have no idea about what they should be doing, or dont know how to implement whatever they do know. To make things worse, they often have a completely false understanding about what is required to build a stable and prosperous career in music.If you are only just starting your music career and think that in...
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